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Choosing a Residential or Commercial Painter can be a tough choice, but thanks to the internet a good recommendation is at your fingertips.  This is why we would like to thank our loyal customers for our 5 Star Yelp Rating!  We have been working hard painting houses and businesses on all corners of Oahu and are glad to hear the great reviews.  Here’s a few reasons why our customers remain satisfied-

Impact Painting is CLEAN

We take time not only to enhance your home, but protect it as well.  Even the best work can be compromised by a sloppy job.

Impact Painting is THOROUGH

We stand by the ethic that the preparation of the surfaces to be painted is paramount to the paint job itself.  We are experienced professionals with an eye for detail, so you can be sure the job is done right, from preparation to materials and application.

Believe it or not, Impact Painting is AFFORDABLE!

Check out our reviews on Yelp and give us a call at (808) 753 4221 to learn more about what Impact Painting can do for your home interior and exterior, or even your business!

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5 Stars on Yelp.  Thanks loyal customers!!!


Proper preparation to stain and seal a wooden garage door while protecting the rest of the home.





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We even protect your neighbors cars!

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Using a red oxide primer to minimize rust damage on metal details.